Pastor Yolanda Pelzer-Parker

  • May 23, 2022

In April 2016, we rented a commercial property in White Plains as the meeting place for our new church. April (Tia) came in and immediately started visualizing what she would do to make the place warm and comfortable. Though, I had some ideas of my own, Tia listened, made suggestions and worked with me to make sure that my vision for the space came to life. She found wonderful pieces of furniture and accessories that absolutely TRANSFORMED the space from a bland office building to an inviting CHURCH HOME where people felt comfortable to worship. The thing that impresses me most about Tia and her work is her elegance. She has impeccable taste and a discerning eye when it comes to redesigning or staging. She is professional, courteous, flexible and patient. For a client like me, that meant a lot, as I can be a handful sometimes. I love you so much, Tia, and I know that this “business” for you is more than your passion—it’s who you are. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us at Perfected Worship Centre. Everyone compliments us on the beauty and comfort of our Home.